• Smart Shelfs deliver personalized experiences to shoppers at the point-of-decision.

  • Future systems will understand natural human language, context, and even sense emotional states.

  • Opportunities for inventory optimization, at-shelf advertising, dynamic pricing strategy, virtual sales assistance, and more.



 The Point of Decision 

Intelligent shelving—or The Smart Shelf— is an emerging technology that will revolutionize the level of service retailers are able to offer. Smart Shelf solutions will deliver personalized experiences to shoppers, while providing real-time, in-store insights that increase sales and chain-wide efficiencies.

Someday smart shelves will understand natural human language, context, and even sense emotional states. Like any good sales person, they will take a much more active role where it understands shopper needs, understands the product or products it is showcasing, and uses enhanced capabilities to participate more fully in the selling process. They will engage shoppers at the point-of-decision, and they are already taking form. 

Dynamic and Personalized Shopping 

Electronic shelf labels and displays can deliver added product info, enable quick price changes, and play eye-catching, high-definition video and animation about popular products and in-store specials. Add Anonymous Viewer Analytics (AVA) to determine gender and age brackets, and retailers can serve targeted messages for those segments in real-time. 

Real-Time Retail Innovation

AVA Retail’s Smart Shelf system, built on powerful end-to-end Intel® architecture, can track instantly launches a video or product-specific presentation when the customer picks it up or engages with a key product—a highly contextual, interactive, and fun way to shop. 

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Inventory Automation and Intelligence

Adroit Worldwide Media and Intel have created an automated inventory solution that can addresses key retailer challenges: accurately tracking hundreds of SKUs on the shelf, automating the creation and auditing processes of planograms, and engaging the attention of consumers in the store. The specially designed AWM fascia is set up with super-wide-angle low-light HD cameras that, with a high degree of accuracy, track customer behavior at the point of engagement and recognize facial gestures to measure whether a customer likes a product or not. 

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As the physical and digital worlds collide in retail, intelligent shelving will likely be at the forefront of the value proposition of computing within the shopping experience. Retailers that embrace the possibilities presented by digital retail technologies will be able to ride a sustained wave of innovation that will carry them through the coming decades. They will gain significant competitive advantage by vastly improving the customer experience and delivering better quality insights. Retailers will need to think about the Smart Shelf as a platform for creating and delivering new opportunities, including at-shelf advertising, dynamic pricing, virtual sales assistance and more.

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