Educators’ and Parents’ Guide to Remote Learning

A New Essential Tool in the Education Toolbox

Tips For:

  • Educators: Keep students engaged in learning

  • Students: Explore and find your passion

  • Parents: Co-create and facilitate your child’s learning



In the blink of an eye, our lives have changed dramatically. Educators are working overtime to adapt to remote learning solutions. In the meantime, parents are grappling with being the onsite coordinators for their children’s schooling—all while trying to keep some perspective and get three square meals on the table every day. While change can be difficult, it can also present unforeseen opportunities.

The Intel Education Group has partnered with key leading educators in the US to create two remote learning companion guides to support educators and parents through this unplanned transition:

The Educators’ Guide is a simple, organized plan for getting started with remote learning.

The Parents’ Guide is designed for all parents and children—there are no minimum technology access or resource requirements. It includes a list of resources that are trustworthy, subscription-free, and work even if a family doesn’t have the latest computer. And parents will appreciate that it balances on- and off-screen activities. This guide is not a buyer’s guide (though we have included some helpful purchasing advice).

Please share the Educators’ and Parents’ Guides freely with your family and friends, colleagues and customers. As always, we look forward to hearing from you and learning how you might use these resources.