Tame the Data Deluge

Take a strategic approach to making your data assets work for you

Data could be your organization’s greatest asset. To realize its potential, it’s important to make sure you’re able to capture, store and manage your complex data landscape. Then you can build a future-ready data strategy designed to incorporate advanced analytics capabilities like AI and machine learning to help drive insights-based innovation and success.

How to Tame the Data Deluge

The data streaming into your organization each day must be effectively captured and managed or it could quickly become impenetrable and unwieldy. This whitepaper outlines steps you can take to modernize your data infrastructure and create an agile and cohesive data lake.

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Virtualize Your Way to Maximum Big Data Benefits

Learn how virtualization and a democratized big data solution can help you make the most of your big data environments to deliver IT and business value.

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Mapping Data Strategy to Business Need

As data moves squarely onto your business’s radar, the implications for IT are huge. Explore some of the key considerations IT leaders must address to build an intelligent, business-centric data strategy.

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Solving the Big Data Analytics Riddle

Traditional methods of analysis struggle to keep up with growing data volumes, slowing down databases and the applications they support. Learn how data tiering can help accelerate your modern analytics workloads.

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Welcome to the Future

Every company today is a data company. Those who embrace this identity and take steps to place data at the heart of the business will succeed in the age of analytics. Make sure you’re not left behind.

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Explore the environmental forces changing the face of data and define a framework for developing a data strategy to help organizations deal with both the disruption and the opportunities offered by this changing world.

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Securing Intel IT’s Apache Hadoop Platform

Hear about how Intel’s own IT department has approached some of its strategic data challenges. Learn how it reduced costs, and expanded its big data and analytics capabilities.

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Key Considerations for Building a Data Management Strategy

The idea of building a data strategy is still a fairly new one to many organizations, and it can be hard to know where to begin. Read this blog for tips on getting started.

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BlueData EPIC* Breaks Down Big Data Barriers

Getting your data management strategy up and running can be daunting, but solutions are available to help make the process smooth and simple. Learn about one such solution uses Big Data-as-Service to speed time to results.

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Once your data strategy is in place, you can make use of your valuable assets to reveal new insights. The opportunities for data-driven innovation span all industries and environments.

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Banking on Advanced Analytics

Discover how financial organizations around the world are using advanced analytics to better understand their customers, generate new business insights and mitigate risk.

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Montefiore Improves Patient Care with Precision Medicine

New York’s extensive Montefiore Health System built a comprehensive data lake and used predictive algorithms to create actionable insight that improves critical care services and patient outcomes.

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The Advanced Analytics Treatment

Learn how healthcare organizations have enhanced their ability to predict and proactively treat common conditions, and to optimize efficiencies for time-constrained hospital staff.

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Data-Driven Insights With Intel

Start getting more from your data today by turning data-driven insights into a disruptive force using advanced analytics.

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Advanced Analytics

The next level of business innovation demands accelerated insights. Get started with Intel® products and technologies.

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