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Un estudio-análisis de la Intel®classmate PC en la India

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Case Study: Info Ladies Make the Connection in India

Info Ladies Make the Connection: Through an innovative program developed by D.Net*, Bangladeshi women deliver advanced technology and communication services to remote villages.

The village of Shaghata in the Bangladeshi district of Gaibandha is so remote it takes two hours to reach from the nearest interdistrict highway. Access to modern communications and livelihood information such as agricultural, medical and market information is particularly valuable in remote villages like Shaghata, but until recently poverty and geological instability made it difficult for villagers to connect with the outside world.

Now, thanks to the “Info Lady” program and Intel technology, Shaghata has overcome its challenges and become the showcase of an entrepreneurship model for remote areas — an efficient and sustainable model that could be replicated in many other emerging countries.

• Small, remote villages need telephone and Internet access to boost social services and their socioeconomic well-being.
• Villages lack ICT infrastructure, which is difficult to develop due to obstacles including frequent power outages, natural calamities, pervasive poverty and a low literacy rate.

• Empower educated women with skills and equipment to connect villagers to the outside world via phone and Internet.
• Equip Info Ladies with Intel-powered classmate PCs, mobile phones and digital cameras.
• Deliver information and technology on-site, utilizing established telecenters as support bases.

• Remote villages like Shaghata gain easier and less costly access to telecommunications and Internet services.

Read the full Case study: Info Ladies Make the Connection in India.

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