Intel 5G Vision: A Perfect Storm of Innovation

5G is a game-changing congruence of innovation bringing together a perfect storm. Newly accessible spectrum and air interface are enabling ultra-fast wireless communications. Legacy networks are evolving to become software-defined networks (SD-WANs)—offering opportunities for new services along the way. Ultra-reliable, low-latency communications (URLLC) are enabling a new set of use cases for enterprises operating in data-centric environments. Key to the success of it all, is the embedding of compute capabilities and intelligence across the network—from edge to cloud. From a data-centric perspective, services and processing can exist in any area of the network. From a network perspective, Intel truly plays an end-to-end role, offering a suite of products in collaboration with companies like Nokia and Ericsson—their base stations are built on a foundation of Intel technologies and are powering the first wave of 5G roll outs. As the roll-outs continues, the next wave of innovation is in the core network, where network function virtualization (NFV) has taken hold. Much of that core network is already built on Intel technologies, delivering on the promise of 5G through world-class compute, storage, networking, and AI acceleration that will unleash innovation on the road ahead.