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Other-worldly experiences require considerable real-world computing power. The Intel® Core™ i7 processor can take you wherever you want to go. Count on it to deliver amazing game physics, precise controls, and rich 360 degree 3D visuals and immersive 3D sound, as part of a robust performance-based platform.

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Intel® True VR

Enjoy the excitement and energy of live sporting events with Intel® True VR. Watch your favorite NBA and NFL teams from front-row seats, follow PGA Tour players on the course, and more. Pick your point-of-view and immerse yourself with the highest quality VR content - no matter what device you own - all in real time.

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VR Commercial Applications

VR isn’t just all fun and games. It’s becoming a powerful business tool, as Intel® Xeon® processors are enabling creative professionals to develop commercial VR applications for retail, architecture, medical education, and more.


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Powerful VR-Ready PCs

Travel the cosmos. Brave zombie hordes. Immerse yourself inside the movies, sports and events you love with VR-ready PCs. Whether you’re a power gamer or a virtual novice, we have the PC for you.

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Technologies for Better VR Products

Headset manufacturers and users get the untethered reality they’ve been waiting for, as Intel® Wireless Gigabit technology makes wireless VR possible.

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Add incredible depth perception to your product with the Intel® RealSense™ depth module D400 series. This series offers a turnkey solution for rapid product development and integration for VR and Robotics.

See the world in 3D

Intel® Optane™ memory is a smart, adaptable system accelerator for PCs that makes everything you do fast, smooth and easy.

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The Story Behind VR

The iQ digital magazine tells stories of how game creators, 360-degree video makers, and virtual reality designers are using VR technologies to create spellbinding experiences that are out of this world.

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Powering the Virtual Revolution

Your VR journey starts with Intel® technology1

“The HTC Vive* is a best-in-class VR experience. Through partnering with Intel worldwide, we exceed the expectations of developers and customers alike; advancing virtual reality capabilities and adoption.” - Dan O’Brien, HTC Vice VP VR OSVR.

Oculus2 partnered with industry leaders like Intel to provide a range of systems that are optimized for virtual reality. Oculus* Ready PCs have been designed and tested with Rift in mind, so you can be confident they’ll deliver a great VR experience.

“We strongly believe that virtual reality should be accessible and open to everyone. Working with OSVR, Intel technology opens up a much larger spectrum of devices to experience high-quality virtual reality.” - Chris Mitchell, Razer Sr. Manager.

“Microsoft partnered with Intel to deliver mixed reality experiences that run great on 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processors. With Windows* Mixed Reality gear, and Intel-powered Windows* Mixed Reality-ready PCs, you can immerse yourself in entirely new worlds.” – Scott Evans, Director, Windows Mixed Reality.

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OCULUS y el logotipo de OCULUS son marcas comerciales de Oculus VR, LLC. Intel no realiza ninguna representación ni garantía con respecto a la herramienta de compatibilidad de Oculus, la que ofrece Oculus VR, LLC. Las preguntas relacionadas con la herramienta se deben enviar a Oculus VR, LLC. Consulte los Términos y condiciones de servicio de Oculus para obtener información adicional.