Connecting Women to Opportunity Through Technology

Closing the Technology Gap

According to the “Women and the Web” report published by Intel and its partners, nearly 25 percent fewer women are online than men in developing countries in the study, and the gap was 43 percent in sub-Saharan Africa. Through the Intel® She Will Connect program and other digital empowerment initiatives, Intel is empowering millions of women to connect to a range of new opportunities through technology.


Intel® She Will Connect

Using an innovative combination of digital literacy training, an online peer network, and gender-relevant content, the Intel She Will Connect program will help young women acquire or improve digital literacy skills and expand their understanding and use of technology so that they can connect to health, government, and educational information, as well as new economic and entrepreneurship opportunities. The program is beginning in sub-Saharan Africa, where the Internet gender gap is the greatest, with the goal of reaching 5 million women in the region.

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Bridging the Internet gender gap will expand opportunity for all.

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Closing the Internet gender gap is a complex challenge that requires collaboration across a broad range of organizations.

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In support of the Intel She Will Connect program goals, this public-private partnership will help reach more than 600,000 women in Africa in the next three years.

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Intel is supporting the needs of adults and youth around the world who seek to learn basic digital literacy skills.

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A team from the Intel Education Service Corps meets with women in South Africa to gather research and insights to support the Intel She Will Connect program.

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Intel is collaborating with World Pulse, a leader in using digital media to connect women worldwide into a powerful voice for change.

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