In-Store Kiosks Help Customers Shop


Many retailers and brands are recognizing the important role apps play in attracting and retaining customers. One example is a digital sign-based car selector tool that lets shoppers browse car models and options at their own pace, and even visualize their preferred configuration before making a final decision.


Currently most apps are custom, which can make them expensive and time-consuming to build, or they are based on web technology, limiting their functionality. UMAJIN* from Fingertapps delivers the power of native, cross-platform applications that are customized and easy to use. The interface, controls, and workflow are designed to be truly intuitive—working together with tools that designers use every day—and deliver stunning experiences on Intel® processor-based digital signs.


  • Build apps for any major device or screen size: 4-inch to 80-inch
  • Incorporate engaging graphics, animation, and interaction
  • Create memorable apps without writing code
Woman wearing sunglasses shopping in the city

Displaying a Better Way to Shop: In-depth

Self-service kiosks let customers browse, buy, and explore

Intel® architecture helped Marks & Spencer deliver greater in-store selection and convenience with self-service kiosks. After successful implementation in the M&S High Street store in London, the kiosks have been installed throughout the UK and France.