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Quality and Reliability

Customer information service portal links to helpful web sites

Explore Customer Information Service Portal (CISP)

CISP is a portal to enable customer access to Quality and Reliability content. This site provides customers with access to frequently-asked subject areas such as ecology, product information, reliability, manufacturing enabling documents, and product change notices through search, view, and download.

Automated Relational Knowledgebase
The Automated Relational Knowledgebase (ARK) is your source for Intel® product information. Typical search and view is results information such as product stepping, S-spec, product number, product code, CPU speed, pin count, thermal design power (TDP), and package technology. Please visit to learn more.

Manufacturing Advantage Service
The Manufacturing Advantage Service (MAS) documents and videos are meant to assist our customers while using Intel® technology. Training documents includes information such as BGA rework and handling recommendations; Intel® component visual attributes guidelines, Profile Board, and many other manufacturing enabling documents.

Intel Business Portal
The Intel Business Portal (IBP) is an external portal that provides Intel customers with customized access to confidential Intel information and applications.  Such documents are Thermal Mechanical Design Guide (TMDG), Datasheets, and many other technical documents. Please consult your Intel field representative to apply for access.

Intel® Quality Document Management System
Search for Material Declaration Data Sheet (MDDS), Product Change Notification (PCN) and if enabled, Product Qualification Report (PRQ) documents by common data elements. Please consult your Intel field representative to apply for access.

Typical search, view, and downloads include:

  • Material Declaration Data Sheets for Intel® products, consisting of information about Halogen Free, RoHs, and Material weight.
  • Product Change Notifications consists of product discontinuance notifications and label changes for Intel® products.
  • Product Qualification Report consists of information such as ESD/EOS data, Failure in Time (FIT) rate, Moisture Sensitive Level (MSL), and other information.

Other Resources
Visit our Resource page to view and learn about ISO registration, Product regulatory and other information.

Ask_CQE@intel.com or your Intel field representative for more information.

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