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Manufacturing Process

Control of nonconforming products

A corporate specification governs the review and disposition of questionable or discrepant nonconforming products across Intel, including wafer fabrication plants, assembly and test sites, distribution centers, and business divisions. The specification details the requirements for review and disposition of nonconforming product or raw materials.

Process overview

Operational procedures are also used to define additional or more detailed disposition procedures. All nonconforming products are subject to a formal risk assessment of potential performance degradation by a Disposition Review Board (DRB), Material Review Board (MRB), or Quality Action Notice (QAN).

Review board membership varies by site, product, or problem situation. Membership may include representatives from manufacturing, engineering, quality and reliability, planning, and other business and technical resources as needed.

The process begins when discrepant material is identified. The review board process will then:

  • Identify and quarantine affected material
  • Conduct a risk assessment and develop a material evaluation plan
  • Identify the root cause
  • Develop and implement corrective and preventive action plans
  • Dispose the affected material

Actions are tracked to successful conclusion, and the review board creates a final report to document all actions taken to dispose the affected material. The board ensures that all preventive actions are completed or transferred to an organization/owner and monitored to assure the permanent solution is effective. The reports are used as reference for future excursion management and problem resolution. Additionally, factory self-audits, corporate audits, and quality system audits help define needed improvements.

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