Intel Teams Up with Aible to Fast-Track Enterprise Analytics and AI

Intel Xeon Scalable processors, along with software optimizations, enable business results within 30 days.

What’s New: Intel’s collaboration with Aible enables teams across key industries to leverage artificial intelligence and deliver rapid and measurable business impact. This deep collaboration, which includes engineering optimizations and an innovative benchmarking program, enhances Aible’s ability to deliver rapid results to its enterprise customers. When paired with Intel processors, Aible’s technology provides a serverless-first approach, allowing developers to build and run applications without having to manage servers, and build modern applications with increased agility and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

“Today’s enterprise IT infrastructure leaders face significant challenges building a foundation that is designed to help business teams drive value from AI initiatives in the data center. We’ve moved past talking about the potential of AI, as business teams across key industries are experiencing measurable business impact within days, using Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors with built-in Intel software optimizations with Aible.”

–Kavitha Prasad, Intel vice president and general manager of Datacenter, AI and Cloud Execution and Strategy

How It Works: As the technology landscape accelerates, developers are searching for greater scalability, speed and lower cost to better manage the influx of incoming data. Intel’s contribution to open source software and Xeon Scalable processors with built-in AI acceleration optimize a range of customer workload types and performance levels with consistent, open architecture.

Aible’s serverless approach trains machine learning modules faster than other server-oriented solutions on the market1. Intel’s collaboration with Aible delivers innovations across data management and data operations, augmented data analytics, AI model training and inference and the entire augmented analytics workflow.

With augmented data engineering, augmented analytics, and augmented data science and machine learning, Aible delivers ROI at every step of the data-driven journey, while systematically reducing risk and enhancing the impact of AI.

By leveraging current and upcoming Intel platforms, products and capabilities including Intel® AVX-512DLBoost, Intel SGXoneAPI Deep Neural Network Library, software and infrastructure adjacencies, Aible's technology accelerates performance and improves overall time to value and lower TCO. Intel’s optimized software packages in the Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit, which is powered by oneAPI, include Tensorflow, Numpy, SciPy and other popular libraries that deliver 2x to 3x faster performance on Intel Xeon Scalable processors1.

With a combination of built-in Intel-optimized AI software and Intel’s Xeon Scalable processors, Aible’s customers can achieve massive improvements in their speed of deployment and business impact. Through Aible’s “Impact from AI in 30 days” program, 20 customers, including two Fortune 500 customers, as well as entities Nova Southeastern University and Vertiv, have provided success stories.

About Intel’s Role: Intel has worked closely with customers for over 50 years to optimize their software by accounting for every layer of the solution stack, including applications, orchestration and hardware. It has also worked hand-in-hand with the AI ecosystem to develop a broad range of software tools, frameworks and libraries that will satisfy the most demanding data science needs. Today, through built-in hardware acceleration and optimizations for popular software tools, Intel has streamlined the AI workflow from data ingest to deployment at scale. For innovators using AI to take on great challenges, Intel is clearing the path forward to scale AI everywhere, advancing AI time to market.

What This Helps Enable: IT infrastructure leaders are challenged to build a foundation designed to derive value from data center-based AI initiatives. Aible technology, paired with Intel-based infrastructure, alleviates this issue by providing benefits across the complete AI lifecycle from evaluating data-readiness, to automated insight discovery, to model training, deployment and monitoring.

This partnership can help businesses achieve three- to four-times better TCO1 for AI applications using currently deployed infrastructures without increasing complexity. Customers can leverage Xeon Scalable processors to build on a solid foundation for AI applications that pair with scalable serverless architecture to meet current and future workload demands.

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The Small Print:

1According to Intel and Aible Benchmark Report, “The study also demonstrated a better experience on serverless computing compared to traditional server architectures with comparable Intel processors. When deployed to serverless functions the application was: 2-3X more cost effective, 3-4X lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and 2-3X faster than on server architecture.”