2005 – Intel Leap Ahead™

In 2005, we reported our 19th consecutive year of profitability, underwent our largest reorganization, embarked on a rebranding effort, and helped usher in the dual-core era—a major technological leap in computing performance.

The technology fueling our new platform strategy is still deeply rooted in our strengths in silicon architecture design and manufacturing technology, but today our employees share a new common mission: to delight our customers, employees, and stockholders by relentlessly delivering Intel platform technology advancements that become essential to the way we work and live.

The Digital Enterprise group

focuses on computing and communications platforms for end-to-end business solutions as well as consumer desktop PCs. It is our largest operating segment, accounting for 65% of our total revenue. Among several other introductions, the group delivered our first dual-core Intel® Xeon® processors for server platforms in 2005.

The Digital Home Group

delivers computing and communications platforms for consumers in the emerging digital home, with an emphasis on entertainment applications and consumer electronic devices. The first systems based on our new digital home platform, Intel® Viiv™ technology, premiered in early 2006. Intel® Viiv™ technology-based systems are designed to make it easier to download, manage, and share the growing amount of digital content available worldwide, and enjoy it on a choice of TVs, PCs, or handheld devices.

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