Banking Technology: The Next Generation

Corporate and retail banks use Intel® technologies and solutions to modernize their infrastructure, help meet industry compliance requirements, and deliver new customer experiences.

Enabling New Possibilities for Corporate and Retail Banks

Digital transformation—at the edge or in the data center—paves the way for frictionless customer experiences that blend the physical and digital. Find out how we’re helping banks stay ahead of their rapidly evolving competition.

Customer Success Stories

Across the banking industry, Intel is helping organizations realize their mission-critical objectives.

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Preguntas frecuentes

Banking digital transformation involves modernizing your infrastructure to support new priorities in customer experience, data analysis, and compliance/security. With the right technologies applied across edge, data center, and cloud, your operations can become more data driven and customer centric—ultimately leading to enhanced business results.


Banking technology can help your organization gain valuable, data-driven insights that can be applied to dramatically enhance your customer experience. You can also streamline compliance with regulations, allowing your bank to increase efficiency while opening new possibilities for federated learning.

AI helps banks extract insights from their data—whether they’re forecasting market activities, fighting financial fraud, or making personalized recommendations to their customers. By using AI technologies, you can both streamline traditional processes, such as risk management, and offer customers a frictionless experience that provides them valuable, relevant offers and new services.

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