Water Restoration in New Mexico

To support Intel’s commitment to achieve net positive water use, we have funded two water restoration projects benefiting New Mexico. Once fully implemented, these projects will restore an estimated 141 million gallons each year. This page provides a summary of Intel-funded projects to support New Mexico’s water resources.

Rio Grande 2020 Flow Restoration

Location: Middle Rio Grande, New Mexico

Implementation Partner: Audubon New Mexico

Estimated Restoration Benefit 1: 26 million gallons during 2020

Project Status: Restored water in July 2020

Project Description: The Rio Grande, one of the longest rivers in the U.S., is an important source of water and habitat for birds. Withdrawals from the river contribute to low flows and intermittent drying in the Isleta Diversion Dam, south of the Isleta Pueblo, especially during times of severe drought with very little water to support wetlands and wildlife. Audubon works with partners for flexible water leasing agreements that release water from the San Juan Chama Project during these critical dry periods.

Water Resources Rio Grande Project

Location: Rio Grande Watershed in Colorado (Upper Rio Grande) and New Mexico (Mainstem Rio Grande and Comanche Creek)

Implementation Partner: Trout Unlimited, National Forest Foundation

Estimated Restoration Benefit 1: 118 million gallons/year (MGY)

Project Status: Initiated in 2018; began restoring water in 2019

Project Description: The Upper Rio Grande and its tributaries support farming, ranching, rural communities, and a renowned trout fishery. In the Valle Vidal Unit of the Carson National Forest, past grazing, mining, and logging have degraded Comanche Creek, adversely affecting the channel and disconnecting the creek from its historic floodplain. This project will increase winter flows to benefit fish, reconnect Comanche Creek to the historic floodplain and wetlands, restore natural water storage capacity, and provide recreation and other wildlife benefits.

Intel in New Mexico

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1The restoration benefit represents an estimation based on the expected outcome of each project. After each project is completed, the restoration benefit will be reviewed and updated as needed.