Empowering Creative Thinkers and Makers

We believe that learning by doing inspires students to explore, investigate and create. By embracing the Maker Movement, educators tap into their students’ natural inclinations, allowing them to develop critical STEAM skills as well as an agile and resilient mind.

Why Making Matters

By adopting maker ideals educators put an emphasis on creating, discovering and promoting a growth mindset and builds key skills that will enable students to thrive in STEAM powered world.

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Boards and Kits to Jump Start Making in the Classroom

Learn the basics of programming, electronics, and mechanics and get your students started as a Maker with the Arduino 101* (US) or Geniuno 101* (outside the US) boards powered by Intel® Curie™ module.

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This kit provides is a great way to get started with programming and hardware interaction with embedded electronics using the Arduino 101* board powered by the Intel® Curie™ module.

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A kit complete with materials, activity guides the Arduino 101* board and the Science Journal app from google allows you to explore making and scientific discovery through hands on projects.

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An interactive selection of tools to inspire future scientists and makers. This kit includes a collection of parts SparkFun that support activities developed by Google and the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

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Tech Guides and Tutorials to Help You Get Started

This online guide is your map to navigating the 21 circuits in the Spark Fun Inventor’s Kits for the Arduino 101 and Genuino 101 – giving you the know-how to start your own projects.

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Get an intro to essential elements of making including soldering, power supplies, obstacle avoidance, and prototyping by viewing this collection of short how to videos.

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STEM, STEAM and Makerspaces are hot topics as we enter 2016. But how can you get started in these areas in your classroom? Learn how you can create Genuino 101* STEAM activities.

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Explore the world of inputs and outputs, sensors and servos in minutes with this tutorial on getting started with the SEEED starter kit for the Genuino 101*.

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Setting Up a Makerspace

Here are a few examples of supplies you’ll want to have on hand to get your Makerspace started.

A guide to getting started with the Genuino 101*