The Intel® SPOSM streamlines product development, supporting sleek designs from multi-display terminals to small tablet-based form factors. The reference design specifies a compute module that supplies core POS functionality, including compute, storage, and voltage regulation. This core module connects to a peripheral interface board (PIB)† that can be tailored to the I/O requirements of various POS designs.

The reference design simplifies signaling by defining a board-to-board (B2B) connector between the compute module and PIB. This connector incorporates 170 pin-outs defined by Intel, with an additional 10 customizable pins available to help OEMs and ODMs differentiate their solutions.


Intel® SPOSM Reference Design Summary

  • The Intel SPOSM specification has a dimension of 140 mm x 100 mm, not inclusive of the B2B connector.
  • The B2B connector is a 180-pin plug interface with multiple receptacle options.
  • The reference design supports optional external I/O and brackets.
  • The Intel SPOSM targets processors with Thermal Dissipation Power (TDP) of not more than 15W, and supports passive or active cooling.

 The peripheral interface board (PIB) is not part of the reference design. The PIB specifications provided here are an example of one possible configuration.

Compute Module

Board Spec   Notes
Target Platform    
SoC 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processor (U), 15W TDP maximum PCH is integrated into the CPU
SODIMM 1-2 Channel DDR4 Two-Channel SODIMM memory is optional
WLAN M.2 Key E -
Storage M.2 Key M -

Peripheral Interface Board (PIB)

Board Spec   Notes
Display 1 DP+, 1 Dual-Mode DP++, 1 eDP+ Single-link DVI or HDMI compatible
LAN Intel PHY with Intel® vPro™ Platform Intel vPro Platform requires use of supporting chipset
USB 1 USB 3.0, 6 USB 2.0 -
Expansion 1 PCIe* x1 (M.2 key E), SATA* -
Audio 1 Audio -

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