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For Intel® Xeon® CPU with FPGAs

Peer inside a server rack in one of today’s most advanced data centers—whether public cloud or private enterprise—and you might be startled to find ICs from a whole new category: Intel® FPGAs. They are there—on server boards next to CPUs, in network adapters, or in dedicated acceleration planes—for just one reason. Intel FPGAs break open bottlenecks.

These pinch points may be software loops that demand enormous amounts of computations. Or they may be congested spots in the data center network, where exploding traffic levels and new processing tasks leave applications spinning, waiting for data. Either way, they are the sworn enemies of the data center’s most important metrics: response time to client applications and total cost of ownership for operators.

Intel FPGAs burst open these bottlenecks with a combination of microarchitectural flexibility, massive parallelism, huge data bandwidth, and rapid reconfigurability. As workloads and traffic pattern shift, Intel FPGAs can anticipate needs and bring optimized hardware acceleration to bear on the critical points. Read on to see how Intel FPGAs can burst the bottlenecks in the applications most vital to you.


Artificial Intelligence

Intel FPGAs accelerate the computations at the heart of the many forms of machine intelligence, from rule-based systems to deep-learning to memory-enabled networks. In both training and inference modes, Intel FPGAs’ reprogrammability and adaptability to sparse data and variable-precision weights are critical tools for today’s and tomorrow’s artificial intelligence.

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Data Analytics

Big-data analysis performance comes down to two factors: data bandwidth and computational speed. See how the enormous bandwidth and massive computational parallelism of Intel FPGAs with hardware floating-point can team with Intel Xeon® CPUs to burst the bottlenecks that hold back performance on analytical tasks—without bursting your power or cooling budgets.

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Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

Increasingly, network functions are moving from proprietary hardware onto data center servers. But as line rates increase and packet processing grows more complex—especially with the growing need for security—rapidly reconfigurable Intel FPGAs are taking over wire-speed data-plane tasks, freeing Intel CPUs for more complex control functions and new revenue-producing workloads.

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Traditional financial workloads have huge data sets that need to be processed and pored through. As a result, the hardware must keep up with the computing demands and constantly changing industry parameters. How can we choose the right solution to optimize our workloads, account for performance and power needs, and be flexible enough to change with evolving requirements?

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Intel FPGAs at Work in the Data Center

Microsoft Bing Intelligent Search with Intel FPGAs

Learn how Microsoft Bing deploys the efficient and flexible architecture of Intel FPGAs to bring users more intelligent answers and better search results.

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Supercharge Your Data Center

Learn how the Acceleration Stack for Intel® Xeon® CPUs with FPGAs and platforms gets the job done.

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A Day in the Life of a Server

With the explosion of data, how can you make your servers work more efficiently? Learn how Intel FPGAs and Intel Xeon processors can help.

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Intel® FPGAs and Microsoft

The combination of Intel® FPGAs and Intel Xeon® CPUs help Microsoft meet challenges of demanding workloads in the cloud.

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Intel partner: Algo Logic

Learn more about how Algo Logic translates algorithms into logic, code normally done in software can now be transferred to FPGAs.

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Intel partner: Accelize

Accelize brings FPGA acceleration to the cloud industry, FPGA acceleration as a service.

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Intel Partner: Swarm64

Learn how the Swarm64 SDA utilizes the latest generation Intel Arria® 10 FPGAs to deliver industry leading performance in analytics.

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Intel® FPGA accelerate workloads based on application needs

Learn how Intel® FPGAs can help system architects alleviate bottlenecks in their data center

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Intel® FPGAs and Xeon processors accelerate cloud workloads

Learn how Intel® FPGAs can help system architects react to the growth in demand in the data center

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FPGA Acceleration Hub

Learn how this new collection of software, firmware, and tools allow all developers to leverage the power of Intel® FPGAs.

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Infographic: Accelerating the Future with Intel FPGAs

Find out what a system-level integrated circuit like an FPGA can do for you.


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