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Simplifying Remote Manageability

Learn how remote manageability can help your small business improve productivity and enhance security for on-the-go devices.

Simplifying Remote Manageability Key Takeaways

  • Remote manageability helps support remote employees, so devices are kept up to date regardless of where work happens.

  • Updates that happen on the go and off hours help improve employee productivity and minimize work disruptions.

  • Intel vPro® Essentials gives small businesses the latest hardware-based capabilities to handle software updates, patch management, device refreshes, and more.



What Is Remote Manageability?

When business PCs are spread out geographically, it can be challenging to keep on top of routine updates, security patches, and maintenance that help prevent productivity slowdowns and security risks. Remote manageability allows you to handle these tasks easily so that, regardless of physical location, you can keep up with ongoing maintenance needs.

Why Is Remote Manageability Important to Remote Workforces?

The pandemic accelerated the shift to remote work, with an increasing number of employees working remotely at least part of the time. This work from anywhere trend is likely to continue with many employees preferring the flexibility that remote work offers. Because of this, remote manageability is becoming even more critical as it supports on-the-go work without the need for employees to bring devices to the office for ongoing updates.

How Does Remote Management Work?

As a small business owner, making the most out of every financial investment is crucial, which is why remote management can emerge as an invaluable tool for your growing business. Remote management works by connecting the “host” computer to your employees’ business PCs so that pushing updates, running security patches, and help with other support needs can be completed remotely.

And when you can complete routine maintenance tasks during off hours, productivity impacts are reduced, allowing your employees to work efficiently – without the unexpected interruptions that slow them down.

Benefits of Remote Management

Your small business likely uses a variety of devices, from desktops to laptops and more. Remote management helps reduce the cost and complexity of keeping all those devices up to date. Benefits include:

Device Management for On-the-Go Employees

Before the pandemic, many employees worked in a traditional office, plugged into a corporate network. This setup made maintenance easier because all devices were on-site and simple to access. But when so many employees went remote, practically overnight, maintenance got more complicated.

Remote management helps you manage a fast-growing number of devices from various locations in a way that doesn’t interfere with workflows.

Support for Team Productivity

Your team has a limited number of hours each day. If you want to get the most from each of those hours, you need to remove the barriers that create setbacks. For example, something as simple as a Windows or another software-related update slows down workflows, especially if a PC requires a reboot.

With remote manageability, maintenance tasks can happen during the off hours, so you don’t need to worry about valuable work hours being lost due to unexpected slowdowns.

Simplified Device Maintenance

Eighty percent of a computer’s total cost of ownership is tied to maintenance and tech support.1 If you want to lower expenses around device ownership, streamlining device maintenance with remote management can help.

Remote manageability includes proactive power management, which “wakes your computer up” so it can perform required updates remotely. So, whether employees are at the office or on the go, their computers are ready to support their workday. Plus, a well-maintained business computer is a more secure device, as it is updated to keep up with fast-changing threats.

Remote Management Capabilities

Remote management helps you manage off-site devices to keep them up to date and running smoothly. But how does this technology work? Here’s a quick look at the capabilities.

Runs Updates on the Go

Do you have plans for growth? If so, you’ll likely hire more employees and have more devices to manage. And still, cyber threats won’t slow down. As more threats pop up, you’ll need to complete more frequent updates, which is complicated with so many devices in so many different places. Remote management helps reduce the complexity.

Supports Off-Site Security Patch Installation

Hackers work tirelessly to find new ways into your systems. Security patches help close down potential vulnerabilities and keep thieves out of your network. The challenge is that when these updates don’t happen on time, you’re left open to potential threats.

Remote management helps automate security patch updates so that wherever your employees work, the updates happen on time. This means that hackers lose their potential entry points into your systems, and you stay safer.

Enhances Security

Over the last few years, cyber thieves evolved threats to target the new way that employees work. Forty-two percent of small businesses reported experiencing a cyberattack during 2021, and 69% say they’re concerned about future attacks.1

Every device that connects to your system is an endpoint. Cybercriminals like it when you have many endpoints, because it gives them more potential entry points into your systems. Remote manageability helps with timely maintenance and updates so that each device is more secure.

Intel and Remote Management

Keeping up with everything needed to maintain and grow your small business isn’t always straightforward. This becomes even more evident as you actively adapt or respond to new trends, like remote working.

However, meeting these demands is much easier with a business-grade PC built on Intel vPro® Essentials, as it includes remote management capabilities. It allows your team to access fast, reliable, and collaborative experiences that help them stay productive and secure – from wherever they work.

And as your business grows and you need even more help managing on-the-go devices, Intel vPro® Enterprise supports your team with greater control and manageability of your remote devices.