Hiring the Right Teachers with Predictive Analytics

Big data recruitment methods use predictive analytics to streamline teacher hiring. TeacherMatch has developed models that correlate a broad variety of teacher attributes with actual student performance measures to increase the effectiveness of the teacher hiring process. These models are used to identify the most promising candidates for each teaching position by linking hundreds of critical ...factors to four core success indicators. Using big data analytics, the indicators predict the likely classroom effectiveness of each candidate. Teacher candidates complete the TeacherMatch Educators Professional Inventory (EPI) assessment online through the district’s hiring portal at home, at a library, or in a hiring center. The experience is simple and intuitive. The results help streamline the hiring process and benefit the education system at every level: • Students are given the best chance to learn. • Teachers are placed in an environment where they are most likely to thrive professionally. • Schools find teachers faster, and experience less turnover. • Districts streamline processes, respond to the best candidates faster, and reduce hiring costs. Find out more about TeacherMatch at http://www.teachermatch.org