Security First

Security First Pledge

Intel’s Security First pledge was founded on principles of Customer-First Urgency, Transparent and Timely Communications, and a commitment to Ongoing Security Assurance. Protecting our customers’ data and ensuring the security of our products are top priorities at Intel. In an evolving threat landscape, we will continue to collaborate with security researchers and industry partners, and remain committed to the principles of Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure. Intel is working within and beyond to help safeguard customers and drive security innovation.

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Security Vulnerabilities

Information about specific security vulnerabilities, resources, and responses:

For all others, visit the Intel Security Center for the latest security information.

For the latest news, please visit our security newsroom.

Learn more about how the protections are integrated into Intel® products.

Coordinated Disclosure

Coordinated disclosure is regarded as one of the best ways to protect customers from security exploits. Coordinated disclosure is based on two concepts: (1) when security vulnerabilities arise, companies work quickly, collaboratively, and effectively to mitigate the vulnerabilities, and (2) companies simultaneously take steps to decrease the risk that information becomes publicly available before mitigations are available.

We believe that the principles of coordinated disclosure are best expressed by the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) at Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute, which has stated:

“The public and especially users of vulnerable products deserve to be informed about issues with those products and how the vendor handles those issues. At the same time, disclosing such information without review and mitigation only opens the public up to exploitation. The ideal scenario occurs when everyone coordinates and cooperates to protect the public.”

Information on coordinated disclosure and its importance can be found in the Guide to Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure. More information on Product Security at Intel can be found on our corporate responsibility site here.

Security Guidance

In an evolving threat landscape, Intel continues to collaborate with security researchers, developers, ecosystem partners, and offer guidance to help safeguard our customers and drive security innovation. Click on links below to learn more.