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Virtual Desktop PCs: Meeting Burning Needs

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Netherlands-based Afval Energie Bedrijf is a world leader in the sustainable conversion of waste into energy and reusable raw materials. The organization is part of the City of Amsterdam’s municipality. To comply with a municipal-wide upgrade to Microsoft Windows* 7, it had to create a secure desktop-environment that could be maintained by three people and also fit into the centralized IT structure of the city of Amsterdam. However, because it runs mission-critical bespoke applications, upgrading them to run on a new operating system would exceed its budget limits and slow down considerably the process of future-proofing its IT-environment. To address this, it implemented an intelligent virtualized desktop PC solution based on computers powered by 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i3 and i5 processors.

• Windows 7 deployment. The City of Amsterdam’s IT department set new standards which Afval Energie Bedrijf had to comply with. This included a move to standardized desktops with standardized security and technical specifications.
• Mission-critical applications. Afval Energie Bedrijf has a large number of mission-critical applications that run on Microsoft Windows* XP or industry-specific applications which have not been designed to run on Microsoft Windows 7.
• Budget buster. The cost of upgrading its custom built applications to run on Microsoft Windows 7 exceeded Afval Energie’s IT budget. It would also would delay the standardization project and increase maintenance time instead of adding value to the business.

• Virtualized desktops. Ordina, an IT systems integrator, recommended that Afval Energie Bedrijf Bedrijf adopt an intelligent, virtualized desktop solution based on rich client PCs powered by Intel® processors
• Optimized performance. Afval Energie Bedrijf Bedrijf implemented a virtual desktop solution from Citrix called Citrix XenClient Enterprise*, specifically developed to provide optimal performance on Intel-powered PCs
• Virtual containers. Afval Energie Bedrijf’s applications were deployed on Windows XP in a virtual container. Microsoft Windows 7 and standard office applications were deployed on another virtual container on the same PC

• Greater flexibility. Afval Energie Bedrijf employees retain direct access to its mission critical applications, while the company also keeps control of its applications and does not have to exceed its IT budget upgrading to Microsoft Windows 7
• Immediate savings. The virtualized applications have reduced licensing costs, enabling Afval Energie Bedrijf to recoup the price of the virtualized desktops resulting in an almost immediate ROI.

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