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Intel® Solid-State Drive 530 mini-SATA: Specification

This document describes the specifications and capabilities of the Intel® Solid-State Drive 530 series (Intel® SSD 530 series).

The Intel SSD 530 series is a case-less mSATA (mini-SATA) design that is designed for Ultrabook™ and small form factor compute platforms. This form factor allows ultra-compact solutions which deliver leading performance for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA)-based computers in capacities ranging up to 240GB.

The latest feature addition is the DevSleep functionality, a low power drive state controlled by the host via the DevSleep pin. The drive will consume a mere 200 µW while in this state.

As compared to standard SATA HDDs, Intel SSD 530 series offers these key features:
• High I/O and throughput performance
• Lower power consumption
• Increased system responsiveness
• Higher reliability
• Enhanced ruggedness
• Small form-factor
• Minimum weight

The Intel SSD 530 series also offers additional key features such as:
• Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit Encryption
AES 256-bit encryption is an industry standard in data security, providing a hardware-based mechanism for encryption and decryption of user data. Utilizing a 256-bit encryption key, AES encryption—when combined with an ATA drive password—helps protect user data.

Read the full Intel® Solid-State Drive 530 mini-SATA Specification.

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