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Technology is transforming retail by connecting the personalized experience of the past with the savvy customers of the future. Through advances in customer analytics and insights, Intel enables richer customer experiences, intelligent supply chain management and more. 


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Technology has the power to connect data to physical goods like never before, bringing responsive retail and IoT to the connected shoppers of the future. Learn how businesses can evolve to unify the physical and digital worlds, adapt to quickly changing customer preferences, and create more engaging shopping experiences.

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For centuries, retail implied a certain personal touch that slowly faded with mass production and time. Now, technology is bringing retail back to its roots.

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Pop-up shops, or Retail-as-a-Service, allow retailers to give customers what they want when and where they want it. They’re also a novel form of market testing.

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Just like streaming music services created new audiences for up-and-coming musicians, technology is forging connections between customers and designers who lack access to traditional retail venues.

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With the help of 3D printing, technology is poised to bring manufacturing as close to the point of demand as possible, transforming clothing retail and its customers’ expectations.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence.
Enhanced Insights.

From voice recognition purchasing to smart shopping assistants who can anticipate customer needs, artificial intelligence is the next big wave in computing for the retail industry. Learn how Intel can enable and accelerate the use of AI technology in business.

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Unified Commerce


Connected retail has the power to create amazing, frictionless customer experiences – meeting customer needs every time, everywhere, and in every way they choose to engage. Understand how Intel’s unified commerce solutions can work for any business.

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See how technology is ushering in a new era of business, driving innovation that will help industries become smarter, more efficient, and more connected than ever.

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Understand how Intel technology is using data and patient DNA to combat disease, tailor treatment, and create more collaborative care between health professionals and patients.

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