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Intelligent Wayfinding Solution Improves Visitor Experience: Brief

Intelligent Wayfinding Solution
Simplifies Navigation and Improves the Visitor Experience
The solution is an interactive personnel and location directory used by the University of Iowa to make more efficient use of personnel and to guide visitors.

The University of Iowa, School of Public Health was looking for a... way to enhance visitors’ experience while simplifying the process of each visit. The School of Public Health was experiencing an increasing burden and interruptions of the staff’s personnel with high volumes of questions about finding different locations within the school.

Taking advantage of new technology, the University of Iowa wanted to deploy an interactive wayfinding kiosk throughout the School of Public Health to solve these multiple challenges. This solution would provide visitors with a simple method to get to their desired destination as quickly as possible without the use of staff personnel.

The solution
The University of Iowa deployed two interactive wayfinding kiosks throughout the School of Public Health to provide multiple benefits for visitors and staff members. The solution delivered powerful wayfinding content management supported by Visix’s content management server with onscreen playback, a certified Visix media player application, and the HD1.3 media player designed by Seneca and powered by the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i3 processor.

Improve visitors’ experience
Visitors can engage with the touch screen wayfinding kiosk to find specific step-by-step directions to different areas within the school. These areas include common destinations such as stairs, elevators, restrooms, and lounges. Visitors also have the option of scanning a QR code to receive a map sent directly to their smartphone or tablet.

Read the full Intelligent Wayfinding Solution Improves Visitor Experience Solution Brief.

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