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A top priority for many organizations is to centrally and securely manage their desktop environments while providing the best possible user experience. With this goal in mind, businesses around the world are looking to improve the desktop delivery and patching mechanisms and reduce the number of images needed to maintain their fleets of desktop computers. This paper explains one way to meet those goals. Solution Overview By initiating operating system and application streaming to a desktop computer enabled with Citrix XenClient*, we can provide central management and security from the data center. Operating systems and applications are streamed through the network upon turning on the desktop PC. Operating systems and applications are patched and maintained once at the data center site, thus eliminating the requirement for desktops to be left on overnight and avoiding possible misses during patch rollout. All data can be saved at the data center site, thus ensuring the best possible protection data protection. Solution Architecture The solution is comprised of a Windows* infrastructure/domain controller, Citrix Provisioning Server*, and a Microsoft Application Virtualization* (App-V*) or a Citrix XenApp* server, all located in the data center cloud. At the endpoints are PCs equipped with Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors and Citrix XenClient software. Citrix XenClient software is installed on each desktop. XenClient is a type 1, high-performance, bare-metal hypervisor, which means that it is installed on the PC before any other software is loaded. It divides up the resources of the machine, enabling multiple operating systems to run side by side in complete isolation. You can create multiple desktops locally by installing each operating system into a new local virtual machine (VM).

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