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Fuxin Primary School Improves Education with 1:1 Digital Learning

Fuxin Primary School Improves Education with 1:1 Digital Learning

Intel® Atom™ processor-based Windows* 8 tablets help Chinese school improve teacher productivity and student learning.

Since its founding in 2006, Fuxin Primary School, in Shenzhen, China, has explored innovative ways to use technology to improve education. Recently, the school implemented a 1:1 digital learning progra...m that is delivering impressive results—including increasing teacher productivity, strengthening students’ problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, and encouraging independent student learning.

Implemented 1:1 digital learning program. Transformed the classroom experience with Intel® Atom® processor-based Windows 8 tablets and interactive digital software.

• Revolutionized teaching philosophy. Replaced traditional teaching methods with active, autonomous, cooperative, and inquiry-based learning.
• Developed students’ 21st century skills. Increased students’ ability to work cooperatively and use critical-thinking skills to analyze and solve problems.
• Encouraged mobile teaching and learning. Freed students to learn anywhere, anytime, and interact with teachers, parents, and peers outside school hours.
• Improved teaching. Tablets and educational software helped teachers be more productive and efficient.

Read the full Fuxin Primary School Improves Education with 1:1 Digital Learning Case Study. The tablets and digital teaching model have also improved teachers' productivity. In English language courses, for example, it used to take teachers about 20 minutes to correct tests for classes of 30 or more students. The digital teaching platform now performs assessments and scoring automatically—saving teachers time and effort that they can now use to provide individual counseling and other important services.

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