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Intel® Pro Wireless Display

Connect with confidence with Intel® Pro WiDi, a solution that provides the features users want with the capabilities required by IT.

Chipset Intel® QS67 Express para equipos portátiles

El chipset Intel® QS67 Express para equipos portátiles es parte de la familia de chipsets Intel® serie 6 para equipos portátiles.

Wireless Projection

Wireless projection is made easy with Intel® Pro Wireless Display technology.

Intel en el Congreso Mundial de Tecnología Móvil de 2015

Experimente el futuro de la tecnología aplicada a prendas de vestir, los dispositivos móviles, la computación y otras soluciones en el stand de Intel en el Congreso Mundial de Tecnología Móvil de 2015, que se realizará en Barcelona.

Intel® Mobile Solutions

Discover Intel’s broad portfolio of mobility products and technologies for intelligent client solutions, connectivity, and networking.

A Better Way to Present with Intel® Pro Wireless Display

Intel® Pro Wireless Display enables a better way to present by securely connecting your device to projectors and displays without the hassle of wires.

A Better Way to Dock with Intel® Wireless Docking Technology

See how Intel® Wireless Docking makes work better by quickly connecting your device to a monitor, mouse, and other peripherals without any wires.

How Chapman University Keeps Moving Pictures on the Leading Edge

Infographic: See how film students at Chapman University keep moving pictures on the leading edge with Intel® processor-based Dell workstations.

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Intel Helps Expand Access to Education Technology in Bibb County

Bibb County enhances education technology building a new data center with Intel® Xeon® processors and deploying new PCs with Intel® Core™ processors.

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Intel’s 64-Bit Computing Leadership: Get the Facts

Infographic: See what 64-bit mobile computing is, what you need to experience its benefits, and how to harness it when you are ready.