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Automotive Maker GM Speeds IT for Success

GM leaders cover the IT benefit of rapid data sharing in design, engineering, and manufacturing to bring vehicles to market faster and increase sales.

Chipset Intel® E7520 y chipset Intel® E7320

El chipset Intel® E7520 y chipset Intel® E7320 permiten un consumo reducido de energía, una confiabilidad de plataforma mejorada y mayor capacidad de administración del sistema.

Personalized Medicine Through High-Performance Computing

Virginia Bioinformatics Institute models genomes and maps disease data using high-performance computing clusters, providing personalized medicine.

Managing CT Radiation Risk for Even the Tiniest Patients

Doctors manage pediatric CT radiation risk with faster scan times to minimize delivered radiation doses using Philips Healthcare technology.

Big Data and Cloud at the Intersection

Manufacturing customers are turning to Intel technologies to make more efficient use of big data and HPC during all phases of product development.

Tata Consultancy Services Speeds Low-Latency Trading

Solution Brief: TCS doubles throughput, reduces low-latency trading for its securities app on an Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family-based HPC solution.

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High Performance Computing

La familia de procesadores Intel® Xeon® E7 se ha diseñado para las soluciones de computación de alto desempeño que exigen los servicios empresariales de TI.

PHY Interface for PCI Express*, SATA, and USB Specification V4.3

Specification V4.3 defines functions for PHY Interface for PCI Express*, SATA, and USB architecture compliance and MAC and link layer interfaces.

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PCI Express* Architecture

The Intel® Developer Network for PCI Express* Architecture is a developer community offering access to resources and peers.

Parallel Computing: The Next Big Leap in Computing Infographic

See the performance improvement of parallel computing with code optimized to take advantage of the multiple cores of modern Intel® processors.