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Integrate Data Warehouses with Data Virtualization for BI Agility

Data virtualization solutions deploy quickly and provide a performance boost when some initial processing is pushed down to source containers.

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Best Practices for Operating System Deployment

As the industry evolves toward OS as a service, we are modifying our OS deployment best practices, to improve our flexibility and agility.

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Workload Consolidation With Intel® Architecture

Explore how workload consolidation enabled by a virtualized Intel® architecture-based platform can transform your network.  

Delivering Strategic Business Value with Automated In-House Testing

Intel IT automated in-house testing to deliver timely feedback to product development groups and improve configuration deployment and monitoring.

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Intel® Pro Wireless Display (Pro WiDi) Implementation Guide

Describes specific roles related to Intel® Pro Wireless Display (Pro WiDi) deployment and testing, including key responsibilities and decision points.

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Client Device Fleet Management: PC Refresh Strategy

Intel IT stands by its PC Refresh Strategy even as technology choices and the device mix in the enterprise changes.

Nube pública versus nube privada versus nube híbrida

¿Qué diferencias hay entre las nubes públicas, privadas e híbridas? ¿Qué puede hacer cada una y por qué son importantes?

Why Build a Private Cloud? Virtualization vs. Cloud Computing

A virtualized DC is not a private cloud. Why should IT build a private cloud, and how does he get there? This video provides the answers.

Accelerating Touch-enabled Enterprise Ultrabook™ Device Deployment

Product Brief: Intel IT accelerates touch-enabled enterprise Ultrabook™ device and Microsoft Windows 8* deployment ahead of the original schedule.

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Data Center Technology: Refresh for Competitive Advantage

Show IT the benefits of pursuing a data center refresh in the medium term, including prepping for an SDI future.