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High-Performance Big Data Analytics Tools: IBM and Intel

IBM delivers high-performance data analytics with Informix Warehouse Accelerator*, which is optimized for the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family.

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Hadoop* Architecture: Intel® Cloud Builders Guide

This reference architecture is for building cloud infrastructure, including both enterprise IT and cloud service providers or cloud hosting providers.

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EMC Big Data Solution Spotlight

Brian Cox of EMC Isilon describes how scale-out storage for big data is the simple, smart way to turn information into opportunity.

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HP Big Data: Vendor Spotlight

Irshad Raihan explains how HP* solutions deliver value quickly and cost-effectively to companies analyzing both structured and unstructured data.

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Oracle Big Data: Vendor Spotlight

Experts from Oracle explain how their big data solution delivers a uniquely integrated, end-to-end approach to big data acquisition and analysis.

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Big Data in Energy and Water: Pecan Street Empowers Consumers

Pecan Street uses data-intensive analytics to empower consumer energy management, collecting data using a device-to-cloud architecture.

Big Data Genomics Driving Better Patient Care

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) analyzed big data from thousands of individual genomes to improve patient care and support research.

SAS Big Data Solution Spotlight

Paul Kent of SAS explains how SAS high-performance analytics solutions are helping business address big data challenges.

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Optimizing Apache Hadoop* Deployments

White paper: Optimize Hadoop* deployments by improving cluster performance and resource utilization while minimizing operation costs.

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Información sobre la nube y cómo desarrollar una solución híbrida

Información sobre la nube y cómo desarrollar una solución híbrida, con una guía de planificación, un informe de implementación y una encuesta de TI Aproveche los recursos de esta página para obtener información sobre nubes híbridas, planificar e implementar un entorno de nube, además de elegir productos y su proveedor.