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RSS at Intel®

RSS at Intel®

Big Events We Experienced Online Infographic

Unfold What’s Possible: Experience the world with your PC when you share big events that took place online with your network.

Social Network Lives Infographic

Social Network Lives Infographic

Intel CTO Justin Rattner: The Next 40 Years of Computing

Justin Rattner on Intel’s first 40 years as well as how technology will bring man and machine closer together in the next 40.

Comunidades Intel, blogs y redes sociales en Intel

Intel communities enable sharing, innovation, and collaboration with industry technology enthusiasts.

How People Spend Their Time Online Infographic

Unfold What’s Possible: Enjoy your entertainment with your PC when you share how people spend their time online.

Justin Rattner on the Future of Computing

Intel Chief Technology Officer, Justin Rattner, on what the future looks like for computing.