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Intelligent Factory Applications for Intel® Quark™ SoC X1000: Video

Video: Intelligent factories use Intel® IoT Gateways and Intel® Quark™ SoC to solve security and legacy infrastructure key challenges. (Oct. 2014)

Optimize Operations and Workforce with IoT Smart Manufacturing

Solution Brief: Intel and its partners demonstrate how smart manufacturing IoT solutions reduce operating expenses and increase revenue.

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Control of Nonconforming Products

Review and disposition process of nonconforming products like wafer fab plants, assembly and test sites, distribution centers, and business divisions.

Intel and SAP IoT Bring Actionable Insights to the Edge

Intel® IoT Gateway and sensors with SAP software provide real-time, actionable data at the edge, even without a WAN connection.

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Advantages of Solid-State Drives for Design Computing

Complex silicon designs with large memory and compute requirements run efficiently and cost-effectively on servers with SSD swap drives.

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NEXCOM and Intel Simplify Robotic Design Process for Manufacturing

Brief: See how NEXCOM, powered by Intel® technology, helps simplify robotic design with prevalidated solutions that lower development costs.

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Deploying Tablets in Manufacturing to Boost Productivity

See how using ruggedized Ultrabook™ convertibles and tablets in manufacturing areas showed benefits in efficiency, accuracy, and savings.

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Customer Information Service Portal Links to Helpful Web Sites

Access information about Intel® technologies from the Customer Information Service Portal, with various web links.

Intel Quality System Handbook

Intel Quality System Handbook discusses the quality policies' intent, quality management system, tech and product development, and more.

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IBM and Intel® IoT Gateway Improve Chiller Health

Intel and IBM examine a chiller and use analytics and real-time data to find efficiency issues, predict asset failures, and improve chiller health.

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