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Thunderbolt™ Technology: Technology Brief

Technology Brief: Thunderbolt™ technology is a transformational I/O innovation and provides a 10 Gbps of full-duplex bandwidth per channel.

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Serial ATA AHCI: Specification, Rev. 1.0

Defines functional behavior and Advanced Host Controller Interface software for moving data between system memory and serial ATA devices.

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Serial ATA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Serial ATA frequently asked questions from hardware developers concerning general I/O acceleration in storage systems.

Serial ATA Host Controller Interface Spec: Contributor Agreement

Written agreement of mutual promises and conditions between Intel and Contributor for contributing to the HCI Specification for Serial-ATA.

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High Definition Audio Specification

High Definition Audio Specification, revision 1.a: architecture, register/electrical interface, programming model, link protocol, codec features.

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High Definition Audio Specification Development Agreement

User Agreement: legal terms that govern participant comments, suggestions and input during the high definition audio specification development.

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M.2 – SSIC* Electrical Test: Specification

Spec: Provides test descriptions for the M.2 – SSIC* electrical testing for building SSIC modules or systems based on PCI Express* M.2 specification.

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Intel® Standards – Patent Licensing Practices

Overview of Intel patent licensing practices for computing industry specifications and standards.

Tecnología de almacenamiento Intel® Rapid

La tecnología de almacenamiento Intel® Rapid mejora la confiabilidad de los datos y ofrece niveles superiores de desempeño, capacidad de respuesta y facilidad de expansión.

USB 3.0 Internal Connector and Cable Specification

Internal cable interface for USB 3.0 in desktops, focuses on electrical and mechanical requirements of the connector and cable assembly.

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