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2008 Intel Corporate Responsibility Report

Intel’s 2008 Corporate Responsibility Report

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2010 Corporate Responsibility Report

Report discusses Intel corporate responsibility performance, 2010, including strategic approach to environmental, social, and governance indicators.

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2011 Intel Corporate Responsibility Report

Discusses Intel’s corporate responsibility performance during 2011, and the actions taken to achieve the decade-long vision.

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Intel Ocotillo Environmental Excellence Annual Report 2012

Intel’s 2012 environmental progress and performance report for community stakeholders, supporting the Intel Ocotillo Environmental Excellence Program.

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2002 Intel Corporate Responsibility Report

Intel’s 2002 Corporate Responsibility Report

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ChildFund International Fights Poverty with Ultrabook™

ChildFund International uses Ultrabook™ to fight poverty around the world, efficiently collecting data to speed the delivery of food and healthcare.

Intel 2012 Corporate Responsibility Report

See the Intel approach to corporate social responsibility and look into business ethics, guiding principles, commitment to the environment, and more.

Towards Gender Equality in Education Policies and ICTs

Outlines four steps toward gender equality in education using ICTs, with a toolbox for action and connecting education to social and economic goals.

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Inspiring Stories of a Better Future

Intel shares inspiring stories of courageous and resourceful people who address global issues with innovative ideas, helping build a better future.

Corporate Citizenship Inspires a Better Future

Discover Intel’s corporate citizenship, guiding the company to institute many programs that improve education, communities, and the environment.