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Intel® Network Connections Tools

Software: Package includes Intel® Network Connections tools for LAN controllers and adapters to support various operating systems.

Customizing Boot Media for Linux* Direct Boot: White Paper

White Paper: Covers Reference Boot Loader from Intel set up method for backup OS with traditional Linux* and direct boot principles. (v.1, Oct. 2013)

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Simics* Debugging Demo Using Wind River Linux*

Demos how Simics* simulates Crystal Forest devices and runs actual target software to compare behavior to the physical hardware. (v.001, May 2012)

Building Virtual Platforms for System Testing: Article

Article: How to build a virtual platform for use in system testing with Wind River* Simics*, including model selection techniques. (Aug. 2011)

Porting an OS with VxWorks* and Simics*: Article

Article: Simics* helped in the development of VxWorks* 6.9, overcoming the issues that arise when porting an OS to new architecture. (Mar. 2011)

Virtual Platforms Improve Product Development

Atul Kwatra discusses how virtual platforms optimize software and hardware early in the development lifecycle, reducing risks and costs. (Nov. 2011)

Improve Software Development with Wind River* Simics*

White Paper: Simics* creates a virtual platform used as a powerful debug and test tool, resulting in improved software development.

Software for Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor: OS Porting Guide

OS Porting Guide: How to port released software for Intel® EP80579 integrated processors to an unsupported operating system. (v.003, June 2009)

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BIOS Binary Booting Demo in Simics* on Crystal Forest Platform

Demos Simics* running an independent production BIOS on the Crystal Forest platform, stepping from first instruction to BIOS boot. (v.001, May 2012)

Router Network and Simics* Crystal Forest Platforms Debug Demo

Demos debugging a router network and networking capabilities of two Simics*-run Crystal Forest platforms acting as gateways. (v.001, May 2012)