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Intel® Server Board S1400SP Family

Flexible, entry one-socket, 1U rack-optimized system with four 3.5” fixed or hot-swap HDDs for embedded environments

Notas sobre la familia de boards Intel® para servidores S1200BT

Notas sobre los productos: Familias de board Intel® para servidores S1200BT, sistema Intel® para servidores R130BT/P4304BT, chasis Intel® para servidores P4304.

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Intel Socket Test Technology for the LGA775 Socket

Intel Socket Test Technology for the LGA775 Socket enables mechanical integrity and electrical continuity tests.

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Intel® Server Board S1200V3RP Family

Cost-effective single-socket server board with small uATX form factor for small and medium businesses

Boards Intel® para servidores

Obtenga potencia, adquiera flexibilidad, acceda a la eficiencia con las más recientes boards Intel® para servidores compatibles con las familia de productos de los procesadores Intel® Xeon®. Intel; Server and Workstation Systems are engineered from the CPU out to help you meet several business needs such as SMB applications, virtualization deployments, and HPC infrastructure.

Intel® Server Board S1600JP Family

Designed for cost-effective execution, the Intel® Server Board S1600JP is perfect for applications requiring powerful, reliable server solutions.

Intel® Server Board S1600JP Product Brief

Product Brief: Built for cost-effectiveness, the Intel® Server Board S1600JP offers performance for HPC apps requiring a powerful, reliable solution.

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Intel® Server Board is Optimized for Business Performance

Product Brief: The Intel® Server Board S1200v3RP family comes in a rack or pedestal system and supports I/O expansion and other upgrade features.

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Intel® Server Board S1200BT Family

Entry-level general purpose server boards designed for SMB applications with maximum upgradeability

Intel® Server Board S1400FP Family

Pedestal-optimized, rack-friendly, entry-level server board available in an industry-standard form factor