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Create Smarter, Connected, Customer-Focused Businesses

Discover how Intel®-based platforms help businesses focus on their customers and streamline operations to deliver experiences that drive sales.

Advantech AIMB-212* Seed Board Features

Overview: Diagram and key features of the Advantech AIMB-212* Pineview-based seed board, including ordering information for Q1 2010. (Nov. 2009)

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Advantech AIMB-212*: User Manual

User Manual: Advantech AIMB-212* general information includes connecting peripherals, BIOS operation, software, VGA, LAN, and more. (v.001, Dec. 2009)

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The Future is Now with All-in-One Computer Technology

All-in-one computer technology, powered by 4th gen Intel® Core™ processors, delivers effortless touch- and voice-enabled apps and interactive video.

Crea una experiencia visual de vanguardia con la tecnología de gráficos Intel® Iris™

Intel® HD Graphics enables superior mainstream gaming and 3D experiences without the need for a discrete graphics card.

Intel® Identity Protection Technology

Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT) prevents unauthorized access to your important accounts by improving your level of security.

Two-Factor Authentication in Intel® IPT

Simplify two-factor VPN authentication with Intel® IPT with One-time Password, removing the need for a separate physical token for no delays.

Intel® Active Management Technology

Intel® Active Management Technology permite al personal de TI administrar y reparar a distancia PC, estaciones de trabajo y servidores básicos.

Perceptive Devices Support Sensory Interaction

Intel® technology enables perceptive devices to understand sensory input through voice-, touch-, face-, and movement-supported platforms.

Share Faster with Intel® Quick Sync Video

With Intel® Quick Sync Video and a 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor-based PC, convert and share videos faster.