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The Connected Home

Explore the connected home, where gateway solutions connect devices and appliances to provide Internet, voice, home automation, and other services.

4K Headed Video Gateway Reference Design Technical Brief

Explore the features and benefits of 4K Headed Video Gateway, which provides cost-effective management and delivery of high definition video.

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Brief: DOCSIS* 3.1—Making Gigabit Cable Networks a Reality

Brief: Learn how the new DOCSIS* 3.1 standard enables a new generation of cable services and helps operators meet demand for high-speed connections.

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Brief: 32-channel DOCSIS* 3.0 Intel® Puma™ 6 SoC Gateway

Brief: Review benefits of 32-channel DOCSIS* 3.0 Intel® Puma™ 6 SoC, which helps cable system manufacturers meet demands for faster broadband speeds.

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