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Intel Labs Researchers

The researchers of Intel Labs focus on a variety of innovation areas including transportation, immersive experience, efficient computing, and more.

Matthew Haycock: Biography

Matthew Haycock is the director of Architecture and Design Research in Intel Labs.

Robin Knauerhase: Biography

Robin Knauerhase is a Research Scientist with Intel Labs.

Daniel Pohl: Biography

Daniel Pohl is a researcher.

Dan Lake: Biography

Dan Lake is a researcher at Intel Labs, Oregon. He holds degrees Electrical Engineering, Physics and Computer Science.

Mic Bowman: Biography

Mic Bowman is a researcher.

Michael Kozuch: Biography

Michael Kozuch is a research scientist at Intel Research in Pittsburgh. He holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Princeton University.

Patricia P. Wang: Biography

Patricia Wang is a research scientist at Intel China Research Center, Beijing. She holds a doctorate from Tsinghua University.

Ram Krishnamurthy: Biography

Ram Krishnamurthy is a Senior Principal Engineer with Circuits and Systems Research, Intel Labs in Hillsboro, OR

Yen-Kuang Chen: Biography

Yen-Kuang Chen is a principal engineer in Santa Clara, CA. He received a Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering from Princeton.