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Sistema de control industrial virtualizado multinúcleo: diseño de referencia

Los detalles del diseño de referencia de los sistemas de control industrial virtualizados multinúcleo incluyen una descripción general, un diagrama de bloques y especificaciones.

Intel® Industrial Solutions Real-Time Performance: White paper

White paper: Tests show that Intel® Industrial Solutions system consolidation series can deliver interrupt latency under 20 μsec. (v.1, Jul. 2014)

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Amazon Kinesis and Intel® IoT Gateways Deliver Real-time Data

White Paper: Collect, cache, and distribute high volume data coming from Intel® IoT Gateways with Amazon Kinesis. (v.2, Nov. 2014)

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A New Industrial Revolution through the Internet of Things

Intel® architecture and technologies for the Internet of Things drive a new industrial revolution by integrating end-to-end intelligence and more.

Digital Factory: Siemens, Intel, and Microsoft Combined Solution

Microsoft Windows* Embedded CE operating system and low-power Intel® Atom™ processor deliver cost-effective, real-time performance.

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Beckhoff Industrial Solutions: Video

Beckhoff industrial solutions are next generation industrial technologies that enable end-to-end factory connectivity. (Aug. 2015)

Software Development Kit SK100: Getting Started Guide - Intel® IoT Gateway

Guide: The Intel® IoT Gateway software dev kit includes pre-integrated, pre-validated building blocks to accelerate your designs. (v.1, Apr. 2015)

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Data Gateway: Intel Development Toolkit

User Manual: An overview of the system features and instructions for adding or replacing components in the Kontron M2M* hardware. (v.1, Aug. 2013)

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Robot hexápodo: diseño de referencia

Los detalles del diseño de referencia para el robot hexápodo, que evalúan Q-learning y locomoción aprendida, incluyen un diagrama de bloques interactivo y especificaciones.

Intel Industrial and Energy Solutions: Video

Intel industrial and energy solutions use big data and analytics to maximize efficiency and quality by transforming automation needs. (Aug. 2015)