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Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit for Moon Creek Core

Software: Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit for Moon Creek core contains firmware component for basic initialization on customer reference board.

Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit Development Application v.2.0.0

Software: The Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit v.2.0.0 includes object libraries and tools for developing firmware binary boot images.

Intel® BLDK Core Version for Crown Bay

This BLDK GOLD release contains firmware component designed to perform basic initialization on the Queens Bay platform based CRB.

Intel® Atom™ Processor E660 with Intel® PCH EG20T Dev Kit

Intel® Atom™ Processor E6xx, Intel® PCH EG20T CRB BIOS 35 includes CMC C0_22211, CPU Microcode update M0220661105 and vBIOS 2032. (Ver 35/Oct 2012)

Enhancing BIOS Boot Time for Embedded Systems

Proof of concept research shows a sub-2-second EFI BIOS boot time is achievable on embedded platforms featuring Intel® Atom™ processors.

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