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Intel IT Executive Insights

Strategies, innovation roadmaps, tools, and techniques on a variety of strategic IT topics

Intel IT Executive Insights

The Executive Insights document series was created to educate senior IT leaders about strategic IT topics. These documents provide insights to key Intel IT focus areas for each topic and also outline our strategy, innovation roadmap, tools, and techniques in a short, executive-level two-page format.

These Executive Insight documents offer access to a wide range of resources from IT@Intel, including white papers, videos, podcasts and more. We hope you find them useful as you explore these strategic IT topics.

Desktop Virtualization

Intel IT has embraced desktop virtualization as a core strategy to help us balance employee demands and business objectives to improve productivity. We’ve identified virtualization as a key enabling capacity to support IT consumerization, where employees have seamless and secure access to services on a full range of devices.

Intel IT: Embracing Desktop Virtualization >

IT Strategic Planning

A solid strategic planning process is critical to the long-term success and health of any organization. Intel IT has been able to better respond to the dynamic nature of our business since implementing an IT strategic planning process in 2009. As a result, we have been able to better align IT investments with Intel corporate strategies and better manage our IT budget to improve the business value of IT.

Intel IT: Maximizing the Business Value of IT>

Best Practices of PC Fleet Management

How can you empower 80,000 diverse employees in a global environment to be consistently productive? Intel IT has selected a powerful combination of software, hardware, and management practices that keep costs down and productivity high, while also preparing for the technologies of the future. These technologies and tools provide efficiencies that enable our employees to connect and collaborate with team members and business partners around the world. We are also implementing a strategy based on preventing problems before users are affected.

Intel IT: Best Practices for PC Fleet Management>

Moving to a Client-Aware Cloud

Intel IT is working to create a client-aware cloud environment where application delivery is based on the client device and the data being accessed.

Intel IT: Moving to a Client Aware Cloud>

IT Sustainability

At Intel IT, we think “green” every day under a formal IT Sustainability Program. In 2010, we implemented projects that reduced our consumption of IT-associated emissions by  approximately 60,000 metric tons of CO2 and saved Intel’s business approximately USD 5.8 million. We are committed members of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative and Green Grid, and adopted an internal IT goal to manage our IT Energy footprint and contribute to Intel’s energy reduction of 5 percent per year from 2007 to 2012. Our efforts have been recognized with several industry awards, including the InfoWorld Green 15 award, for the past three years.

Intel IT: The Business Value of IT Sustainability >

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing and the usage models it brings is changing the way we inside Intel IT look at our architecture: from the client technology our employees will use to access business services and data to the data center infrastructure necessary to support those services. As a result, we have adopted a multi-year enterprise cloud computing strategy within Intel IT and are implementing an enterprise private cloud architecture to support Intel’s business.

Intel IT: Cloud Computing Strategy>

Platform Choices to Maximize Business Value

Intel IT selected a computing platform that supports high levels of productivity and mobility, plus a variety of compute models and device capabilities. This combination of hardware and software enables us to boost productivity, lower cost, and improve security.

Intel IT: Platform Choices to Maximize Business Value >

Information Security

Information security can enable new usage models while protecting corporate assets. At Intel IT we realized we needed to rethink how we approach enterprise security. We cannot continue to spend all our resources trying to block every threat. Our new approach takes into consideration that the role of enterprise security is to protect and enable Intel’s business, including supporting new usage models such as cloud computing, IT consumerization, and social computing.

Intel IT: Information Security Should Protect and Enable>

Consumerization of IT

As mobile devices and technologies proliferate in the marketplace, an increasing number of employees at Intel want to use their personally owned devices within the enterprise. In addition, they want to choose the platforms, applications, online tools, and services to accomplish their jobs and manage their lives. This trend is often referred to as the “consumerization of IT.” Intel IT recognizes that employees want access to information and applications anytime and anywhere, enabling them to work in more flexible and productive ways.

Intel IT: Addressing the Consumerization of IT>

Using Technology to Drive Transformation

In this Executive Insight, we discuss how we use technology to drive workplace transformation and deliver business value to the enterprise.  By empowering our employees with a variety of resources, we enhance employee productivity and significantly contribute to bottom line results.

Intel IT:  Using Technology to Drive Transformation>

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