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Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor Accelerates Security Appliance

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Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor Accelerates Security Appliance

Security appliances today increasingly combine multiple security functions—such as VPN, firewalls, intrusion detection and/or prevention, virus scanning, and others—into a single “unified threat management” appliance. This paper describes how the Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor with Intel® QuickAssist Technology is an excellent fit for such security appliances, especially those targeting data rates in the range of several hundreds of megabits per second. The processor design includes an Intel® architecture complex based on the Pentium® M processor, integrated memory controller hub, integrated I/O controller hub, and a wide range of I/O support, such as Gigabit Ethernet MACs and Controller Area Network interfaces. It features PCI Express*, and an integrated hardware cryptographic accelerator. The single-chip design provides an outstanding combination of performance, power efficiency, footprint savings and cost-effectiveness compared to discrete, multi-chip solutions. From a software perspective, it integrates seamlessly with an existing open source cryptographic framework, which can help reduce time to market. This paper describes how compute-intensive cryptographic operations can be offloaded to the integrated cryptographic accelerator, thereby enabling an increase in throughput for cryptographic protocols such as IPsec and SSL, while also freeing up cycles to be used for higher-level security applications.

Network security encompasses a number of features. VPNs allow for private networks to be established over the public internet by providing confidentiality, integrity and authentication using cryptography. Traditional firewalls use policies to allow or deny traffic into the protected network. Anti-virus and anti-spam filters inspect email, web traffic and other known application payloads to filter out malware. Intrusion prevention systems monitor network traffic and prevent attacks from entering the protected network.
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