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Intel® Platform Controller Hub EG20T: Datasheet


The Intel® Platform Controller Hub EG20T (Intel® PCH EG20T) integrates a range of common I/O blocks required in many market segments such as industrial automation, retail, gaming, and digital signage. These include SATA, USB host and device, SD/SDIO/MMC, Gigabit Ethernet MAC as well as general embedded interfaces such as CAN, IEEE* 1588, SPI, I2C, UART and GPIO. The Intel PCH EG20T interfaces with the processor via a standard PCI Express* interface.

The Intel PCH EG20T provides the functionality needed by operating systems such as Linux* or Microsoft Windows*. The Intel PCH EG20T also provides functionality normally associated with handheld devices, such as support for the Secure Digital Input Output /Multi Media Card (SDIO/MMC) devices and Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices.

The Intel PCH EG20T can be paired with the Intel® Atom™ processor E6xx series, which is the Intel® architecture-based CPU for the small form factor ultra-low power embedded segments based on a new architecture partitioning. The new architecture partitioning integrates the 3D graphics engine, memory controller and other blocks with the IA CPU core.

Read the full Intel® Platform Controller Hub EG20T Datasheet.

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