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Migration to New Display Technologies on Intel® Embedded Platforms

Migration to New Display Technologies on Intel Embedded Platforms

With the introduction of Intel’s latest embedded platforms comes support for the widest selection of display interfaces. However, going forward into future platforms, the choice of display interfaces will decrease, removing legacy solutions and causing board designers to make choices in the types of interfaces to support.
This paper describes the various new and legacy display technologies of Intel® platforms (VGA, TV-OUT, LVDS, SDVO, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, Embedded DisplayPort) and details differences in display interfaces between the various scalable/low-power platforms offered during 2009-2012.

To aid designers in taking advantage of expanding the scope of displays natively available on a platform, the topics of passive/active dongles, alternative solutions for obtaining legacy display support in future platforms, and ways of obtaining additional displays beyond what platforms natively offer are detailed. The particular platform datasheet of interest should be reviewed for a complete list of supported features.

Read the full Migration to New Display Technologies on Intel Embedded Platforms White Paper.

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