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EDK II Module Writer’s Guide

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EDK II Module Writer’s Guide

1 The Basics of EDK II
This document is intended to be a guideline for new EDK II module developers, and provides detailed instructions on how to develop and build a new module, as well as how to release with a package. For information about developing new modules, the readers should start with this document.

1.1 Overview
By referencing the EDK II User Manual, module writers should understand how to obtain EDK II and how to build existing modules.

This chapter also clarifies new concepts introduced by EDK II.

1.1.1 Module, Package and Platform What is a Module?
A module is the smallest piece of separately compile-able code or pre-built binary. It contains a meta-data file (INF) plus source code or binary. The INF file is required by the EDKII build system to describe a module’s behavior, such as produced or consumed library classes, ppis, guids, protocols, pcds, and other information. For the syntax of the INF file, refer to the EDK II Extended INF Specification.

Read the full EDK II Module Writer’s Guide.

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