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Intel® Q57/3450 Express Chipset for Embedded Computing

Intel® Q57/3450 Express Chipset for Embedded Computing

When combined with Intel® Core™ microarchitecture-based processors on 32nm and 45nm process technologies, the Intel® Q57 Express Chipset and Intel® Express Chipset provide the latest advancements in graphics, security, and always-available manageability for embedded applications. These platforms are ideal for developing high-performance... systems for industrial control and automation, retail, gaming, print imaging, and digital signage.

These chipsets support Intel® vPro™ technology and, when paired with a processor that also supports this technology, the platform enables solutions that are trusted and cost-effective.

Product Highlights
• Error correcting code (ECC): The Intel® 3450 Express Chipset provides support for ECC memory, providing a higher level of data integrity, reliability, and system uptime.
• Intel® vPro™ technology: Unprecedented hardware support for vital security and management functions with Intel® Virtualization Technology, Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT), and Intel® Trusted Execution Technology.
• Intel® AMT 6.0: A component of Intel vPro technology, Intel AMT performs remote asset tracking and checks the presence of management agents virtually anytime. Devices can be remotely turned on/off to reduce energy consumption during nonpeak operating times.
• New digital and analog interfaces: By integrating the display into the PCH, these chipsets provide a four display ports.
• Intel® Rapid Recover Technology: With the ability to boot off a clone, this technology provides a fast, easy-to-use method to recover data and return a system to operational status.
• Intel® Quiet System Technology: Reduces system noise and heat through intelligent system fan speed control algorithms.
• Intel® Trusted Platform Module 1.24: Customer may choose to replace the discrete TPM with Intel® TPM to provide a higher level of integration, simplify board layouts and reduce the bill of materials.

Read the full Intel® Q57/3450 Express Chipset for Embedded Computing.

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