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Arch Rock PhyNet* Router: Datasheet

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Arch Rock PhyNet* Router: Datasheet

Arch Rock PhyNet* Router is an IP-based IEEE 802.15.4 wireless sensor networking device that aggregates 6LoWPAN* mesh networks and interconnects them via Wi-Fi and Ethernet interfaces to diverse WAN links. By eliminating the need to co-locate individual wireless sensor networks (WSNs) with the server-based functions that control them, sensor applications can now reside in the next room, across a corporate campus, or half a world away, communicating with any number of WSNs across local- or wide-area IP networks.

Multiple PhyNet Routers are used to form a scalable and resilient internetworking tier allowing IP-based, low-power nodes to communicate natively with other IP-connected hosts and devices.

Read the full Arch Rock PhyNet* Router Product Datasheet.

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