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Arch Rock Energy Optimizer*: Datasheet

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Arch Rock Energy Optimizer*: Datasheet

Know your energy usage; achieve lasting energy savings.

Arch Rock Energy Optimizer* (AREO) enables commercial and industrial facilities managers to rapidly zoom in on critical energy usage in buildings, to foresee and avoid costly demand peaks, and to implement an effective and measurable energy reduction plan. By developing a detailed understanding of how, when, and where energy is being consumed, facility managers can accurately manage energy consumption and demonstrate greenhouse gas reduction, as well as negotiate better utility rates, and evaluate potential investments in new energy-efficient infrastructure such as lighting, HVAC, and data center upgrades.

AREO is delivered as a hosted web portal, requiring no software installation by the customer and has near-zero impact on the customer’s IT resources. The energy visibility portal integrates with Arch Rock’s IPpower Node* wireless AC power sub-meters, IPsensor* environmental sensing nodes, and IP-based PhyNet* Router to securely gather data over the Internet.

Read the full Arch Rock Energy Optimizer* Product Datasheet.

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