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Measure Cache Latency, and Memory Latency

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Measure Cache Latency, and Memory Latency

Executive Summary
With today’s computer architecture industry focused on clock speed and processing core count, it is easy to lose sight of other factors that play important roles in overall system performance. Memory latency and bandwidth are two major factors of performance. These two key aspects of system architecture can be broken up into processor cache and system memory. The open source LMBench Benchmarking suite provides utilities to accurately measure latency and bandwidth.
Latency and bandwidth are important measurements to take. These measurements are good indicators that describe the impact during the tuning processes, compare data from one platform to another and possibly identify other potential performance areas of improvement.
The open source model provides a solution that adds no extra cost of benchmarking and portable measurements between customers and manufacturer, different teams within the same organization, or even separate members of the same team.

Read the full Measure Cache Latency, and Memory Latency White Paper.

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